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Lanyard - Al Saya

Lanyard - Al Saya

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Lanyard - Neck

The keffiyeh, with its distinctive black and white checkered pattern, holds deep cultural and historical significance in the Middle East. It symbolizes unity and solidarity among the Arab people, as each pattern represents the interconnectedness of various tribes and communities.
The black bands running down the sides of the keffiyeh are often associated with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and resistance. They symbolize the dark and difficult times faced by the Palestinian people.
The keffiyeh is also a practical garment, providing protection from the harsh desert elements, including sun, wind, and sandstorms. It is a symbol of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenging conditions.
Wearing the keffiyeh is a powerful political and cultural statement, representing support for the Palestinian cause and a desire for peace and justice in the region.
In recent years, the keffiyeh has transcended its regional origins, becoming a global symbol of solidarity, peace, and resistance to oppression, worn by people from all walks of life as a mark of support for social justice and human rights.

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